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And so it goes…

October 11, 2008

Here’s the thing – I just spent 3 days away from my kids and husband. I was travelling with the KB team (remember Reach for the TOP?)  It was hot, fun – mostly! – and in general it was good. But, it was way too quiet. I get annoyed with my kids when they are yelling at me from either side, the TV is on and my husband is also trying to get my attention. However, try staying in a rather dingy, smelly hotel for two nights alone. There is no one to call out to you in the middle of the night for a hug. There is no one to wake up and kiss in the morning and I missed my kids so much. It was crazy. I was gone for 3 days and it was such a relief to get back late last night and see them sleeping in their beds. In fact when I went into their room, Chichi was on Lu’s bed and that was funny since he has a small toddler’s bed. I kissed them both and he woke up to hug me and then I put him back down to sleep. They did fine on their own, but they missed me too. It is nice to get away, but there is nothing like coming home – all the little annoyances and aggravations – “poof”!

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