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So what’s the point?

October 11, 2008

Well, I thought that it might be nice to keep track of all the amusing things that happen in my life.  It may not be the most poetic, insightful or well-written blog out there – but I think it may serve another purpose: to record incidents in my life with my kids that often make really great stories.  Here’s an example:

I told you earlier that I was on a trip for the last 3 days.  As I was leaving school on Wednesday, Chichi decided to leave a couple of post-it notes on my luggage so I definitely would not miss them!  You may be able to guess what one note had on it – a heart.  Ah… well, the other ones were a request for yet another Children’s Day

(more on that later!) present.  Now that may not seem strange coming from a 6 year old – after all it really is about the loot.  When her father is away on a trip and she talks to him on the phone, conversations typically go like this:

“Hi Daddy!”

“Hi Chichi!”

“Did you buy me a present?”

interjection from me in the background: “Chichi ask him how the trip is going!”

“So Daddy – did you get me a present?”

“Yes I did.  How are you?  How is Lu?  What are you doing?”

At this point she is satisfied that there is a present on the way, so why bother talking any more!

“Nothing – bye.”

Anyone who has been on the phone or MSN with Chichi knows that especially when I am around she is not very chatty.

Anyway, back to the notes… the other ones said that she wants another Children’s Day present.  Before I went on my trip we all went to get prezzies for Lu and Chichi.  We decided to get them both navy blue Converse All-stars.  It is so cute – we all have a pair.  Ah… So we gave them both their shoes on Monday before I went on the trip.  But, Chichi let me know on Tuesday that she needed another present for Children’s Day.  The shoes were not going to cut it, not because they are shoes rather than a toy, but because it was not fair.  Since all the other kids had to wait until Sunday to get their presents, it was not fair that she got hers before they did.  So that meant that she really needed another present for Sunday.  I mean think about the justice in it, if other kids did not get their presents beforehand, it was somehow not a present.  What kind of logic is that?

Now the explanation for Children’s Day: It is a celebration of children – hence the name – but since we are at least a century away from the Industrial Revolution, it seems, at the very least, a bit odd.  I mean, for most of us, every day is children’s day.  Once you get to be a parent it really no longer is about you, it is all about them.  Maybe that is the reason that we do celebrate them or maybe it is another way to maximize shopping days at toy stores.  You decide!

I guess the main point here still is… my daughter left me notes on my luggage before my trip – ah! – leave off the bit about the conspicuous consumption – some details are better left out.

Creepy anecdote about Children’s Day:  When we got to the school in Bahia it was all decorated for Children’s Day.  There were balloons, candies and pieces of fabric arranged around the front of the school like a HUGE party.  When we walked in we were greeted by two very short dressed up creatures – I have no idea what they were supposed to be.  Anyway, I said hello to one and he responded in a very deep adult voice.  When we all figured out that they were not children, it just didn’t seem right at a school.  Doesn’t that seem rather exploitative?  I didn’t get it – prefer not to think about it really.

A wacky anecdote about Children’s Day:  One of the girls on my team decided to dress up as a cat for the tournament on Friday.  At the school it was funny and innocuous enough not to bother me, but in the ariport she made an enormous amount of heads turn.  If you’ve ever seen dramatic chipmunk on youtube – you know what people’s reactions were – we’re not talking a casual glance in the girl’s direction, we’re talking a full-stop 180 turn quick enough to result in whiplash – a la dramatic chipmunk!

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  1. Sofy permalink
    October 11, 2008 10:09 pm

    Hey Beebs.
    First of all, how did I not know you had a blog? How did Alvy not know you had a blog? Geez…And here I thought we were friends.

    But anyway, your kids are adorable. You should get a picture of you all in navy blue All-Stars 🙂 . I think that phone thing is something every child goes through. I remember having similar conversations with my dad when he was away during some present-worthy holiday.
    Not that either of us is wrong, of course. Presents are important. Not much else matters when you might be getting presents soon.

    I miss you. Lots.

    – Sofy

  2. October 13, 2008 10:43 pm

    Hi Beebs! You are such an amazing writer! Even if you think your blog has nothing insightful or all that, it’s so many other things, I love it. (Besides, what IS insightful these days?)

    This post was the funniest post I’ve ever read, and of course, it could only have come from you! 😉 The notes left by Chiara are HILARIOUS. “Dya das Creusa” just made my day, she is so cute! The way you said she talks on the phone and on MSN is so cute too! (I can totally see myself doing the same things)

    Well, anyway, I love your blog and I’m going to keep reading about your wonderful stories! (Thank you for making a blog so we can have something so awesome to read!) ˆˆ

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