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Happy Thanksgiving

October 13, 2008

Top Five Reasons why CANADIAN Thanksgiving is better

  • It is not close to Christmas and does not signal the start of the shopping season – phew!
  • There is no sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top or string bean casserole with dried onions – talk about a good way to make sweet potato and beans bad…
  • It means there may be soccer or another sport played outside in the midst of those beautiful fall colours rather than on TV…
  • Pumpkin pie has coconut in it and any cooked root vegetables are typically covered in maple syrup!
  • Since Thanksgiving actually starts on Sunday, you tend to think more about the REAL meaning of the holiday.


I remember Thanksgivings held at my parents’ house where the tables snake from the dining room into the living room and there is always a ton of food – all good. (Not like the New Years Day where everyone decided to bring bean casserole.)

One particular Thanksgiving we had a soccer game on our front lawn. I went out to play with the boys and managed to thump into one of the boys. Well, I have yet to live that down. I mentioned to an uncle once that Chichi loved soccer and was sort of a tomboy, his response was something like: “well, that’s not surprising given her mother.” Hmmm… there are certain embarrassing moments that are better left in the past. I so rarely think of myself as thumper these days that it really takes me right back to the awkwardness of adolescence. (Even though I am surrounded by those who are still in the throes of adolescence and all its accompanying awkwardness daily – what makes me happy is that it passes – I see that daily too! But, what scares the heck out of me is that sooner than later I am going to be the parent of an adolescent – AWWW!!)

The frightening thing is that no matter how far we think we may have progressed from awkwardness, in some people’s eyes we are still the hapless adolescent of many years ago.

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