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Age and Stage

October 16, 2008

So Chichi and Lu are clearly at different stages in their young lives. She is going to be 7 and he will be 3. (Crazy how fast time flies!) So she is starting to read, learning to spell

This week's list with the long "o" sound and the special "e" on the end!

This week

, doing adding and subtracting, and he is trying to learn how to do his business on the toilet. This age difference makes for funny situations. One such situation happened the other day when we were on our way to school in the morning. We leave home together and I drop off Lu first at his school at 7:30 am and then Chichi and I head on. Our route rarely changes, but the funny thing is that the other day I mistakenly headed the wrong way and Lu said: “Scola Yuyu, mamae?” which means Lu’s school Mommy? at which point I realized I had made a wrong turn and was not headed for his school. I thought it was pretty crazy that he noticed and so I quickly turned around and drove to his school. A few days later we were on the way to school again and Chichi requested that we take a different route. Apparently for her it is boring to always go the same way. She is constantly asking me to take alternate routes. The other day we were coming back from the club and there was a huge traffic jam so I changed our route to avoid the jam. Chichi was, in a word, ECSTATIC! So, as we were on our NEW way to Lu’s school the other day, he started to ask WHY. That is something that happens with two year olds obviously, but here is how it shakes down. Lu started out by asking if we were going to his school since we were on our NEW way.

I said: “We are going a new way for a change.”

He said: “Why?”

I said: “Because it’s nice to go a new way.”

He said: “Why?”

I said: “Because new is nice.”

He said: “Why?”

I said: “Because it’s good to change.”

He said: “Why?”

I said: “Because that’s what life is all about.”

He said: “Why?”

At this point we were no where near Lu’s school and it sounded like the interrogation session was never going to end, so Chichi tried to come to my rescue and she offered up a few reasons. However, the reasons she offered up elicited the same response from him. The only way we got him to stop was deeking him out by saying there was a dog or something out the window. We always did that when he was little and was bawling his head off in the car. Surprisingly it works!

The situation repeated itself with .Daddy on the way home from school. Lu asked him who was at home. Each time he mentioned a name, Lu asked who else. It got to the point that Dinho had mentioned all the people, pets, birds, butterflies, and insects that may have at one point graced our property! Funny, no? He did the same thing with me on the way home from school today! As I mentioned, he is definitely at that age and stage!

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  1. Chich permalink
    November 6, 2008 10:05 pm

    I wonder if I annoyed my parents with why’s or not! I think I was more of the ‘stare at butterflies flying outside the window during class” kind of kid.

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