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Age and Stage revisited

October 17, 2008

I want to go back and re-visit my previous entry about age and stage. Lu is fixated on the word “why” and the moment and I have to include the word that is uppermost in Chichi’s mind (or mouth). The word is jabuticaba. It is pronounced something like this: ja – boo – chee – ka – ba. It is a little round, black fruit that grows on the bark of trees. It has a white meaty inside with a small black pit. It is somewhat sweet, but like a plum the skin makes it a little bitter.


Anyway, Chichi has taken to calling anyone and anything jabuticaba. Our conversation on the way back from gymnastics last night is an example:

Me: “What is that girl’s name?”

Chichi: jabuticaba

Me: “Ah, okay. Come on let’s go get Daddy.”

Chichi: “Wait I have to get Lu’s jabuticaba” (trans. soccer ball)

Me: “Where is Daddy?”

Chichi: “Playing jabuticaba.” (trans. tennis)

Me: “Oh, there he is way down there with Zé, Gustavo and…”

Chichi interjects: “jabuticaba” (trans. Fernando)

Me: “Ri-iight.”

I think you get the picture. It is a word that must be something like cornucopia in English. I remember learning the word a few years ago in public school and I remember how it was sort of delicious to say. It was fascinating to imagine all that stuff flowing out of it at the first Thanksgivings and just the fact that I could pronounce such a word was a real triumph. I can relate to Chichi’s overuse of jabuticaba.

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