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My favourite appliance

October 20, 2008

It really was just a matter of time before I dedicated a post to my mini vac. Why you might ask? Let me tell you.

It goes like this:

Dad breaks a plate, sweeps up said plate remains and leaves plenty of evidence of the carnage behind.

Mom does a CSI-like investigation and demands removal of said evidence .

Who better to do the cleanup than the children? (yes! – plural)

Daughter goes up to fetch the handy vac with little sibling.

Daughter starts to remove evidence from the scene under the careful guidance of little bro.

Little bro stands around, points and yells: “Over here, there’s a whole bunch over here!!”

Daughter dutifully sucks it up.

Yup, domestic bliss!

One post you’re never going to see – ode to the Barbie dishwasher – need I say more?

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