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October 25, 2008
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Being a teacher I always thought that there was too much emphasis in kid´s lives on sports. It seemed like my students were always missing class because of some game or another. Nowadays that happens a lot less, but we still think there is greater importance given to sports. That´s what I thought before I had kids. I now see it is a much more complex thing. I encourage my kids to play sports – I want them to be active and I want them to get outside. Chichi is taking tennis lessons and doing gymnastics. Lu is too little still for anything organized but he really loves playing with balls. In fact, his favorite toy by a long shot is a ball. So the question then is how can you strike a balance? Well, like anything that has to do with kids, it is trial and error. At one point we had Chichi signed up for tennis on Monday and Friday, gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday and soccer on Saturday. That was clearly too much. So I decided not to take her to soccer anymore. The lessons started at 9:00am and frankly for any family that is out the door before 7:15am during the week – 9:00am on a Saturday is just far too early. One day I took her to the lessons quite late and she did not want to participate because she was embarrassed about being so late. At this point I realized that we just could not continue with this sport at this time – here I was trying to force her to play just because I had schlepped everyone over to the club early on a Saturday morning. Hmmm…. That is clearly not the reason why I want her in sports. So I took everyone back home and we just hung out. At that point her future in professional soccer was clearly put in jeopardy, but I think I may be able to get over that guilt – after all, she still has a chance in tennis and gymnastics, right?

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