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How do their minds work?

October 29, 2008

Have you ever stopped to wonder how a child’s mind works? If not, then let me offer some reasons why it might be interesting to do so.

  1. Chichi has a ritual at lunch that she performs every time she sees me in the cantina. She runs headlong towards me with her arms flapping bird-like to give me – are you ready for this? – her dirty Tupperware. Yesterday I was walking up from the cantina with a friend and Chichi desperately shouted at me to wait for her, so she could give me a hug (well that too) but the main reason was to hand off her dirty Tupperware. What is going on in her mind that she has to give you her dirty Tupperware, my friend asked.
  2. Today Chichi wanted to know why the playground at our school was so beautiful – was it so we could compete with other schools? So we asked the Elementary Principal and frankly she was a little thrown by the question. Apparently the playground is set up for children to be safe and to be able to learn!
  3. The day before Chichi had taken a few stones that her grandfather had collected and polished back in the ’70’s. She thought they were so beautiful that she should show them to her friends. So she put them in her pocket and went off to school. When she got home I asked her about the stones. She said she had shown them to one friend and the school psychologist whom she classified as “almost Mrs. G**cia” in other words, almost the Elementary Principal.

It definitely makes you wonder.

Lu on the other hand likes to pepper his conversations with things that other people have said to him, or actual exchanges he´s had with people. For example, out of the blue he might say something that roughly translates as “Daddy’s going to phone in a minute, right?” or “Tia Manu, Lu wants Mommy”. Until you can decipher the words, put the conversation into context and figure it all out, he has said it about 6 or 7 time each with a successive volume increase. Yesterday we were in the car and he asked me a question. He wasn’t happy with my answer, so he asked again and again and again and again and again until I changed my answer. At that point he asked why.

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