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How do their minds work revisited…

November 7, 2008

I have to tell you about the funniest thing that happened last night. Since their Dad is away on a trip, my kids have been clingier lately. In fact, one of them sleeps in bed with me every night. (They don’t start out there though!) It is kind of funny how they seem to work it out so that the two of them are not there at the same time. The other night I was in the kitchen making muffins when they were asleep and I heard Lu. He didn´t make that much noise, so I just let him be. When I went up to sleep after the muffins were baked he was half-on, half-off Chi´s bed. He was on the bed only from the waist up. It is amazing that they can still sleep in this position. Anyway, last night Lu woke up in the middle of the night for some reason. He called me and started to walk out of his room. So, the funny thing was that he felt he needed to put on Chi´s high-heeled, Canadian flag decorated, red and white flip flops to walk from his room to mine.

The other thing that makes you wonder is this interchange this morning. I was in the bathroom getting ready when Chi walked in and started to do her business. I asked her how she was, how she slept and she responded with polite grunts. I then asked her if she wanted to go have breakfast at the bakery that morning. We normally do have breakfast at the bakery on Friday as a treat. She said she wanted to have breakfast at the bakery and then asked if she could have ice cream today. Give them an inch, right?

Since we were going to the bakery, we did not have breakfast at home. They serve breakfast at Lu’s school, but since we have to eat before school, we feed him too. Today however we did not. So he was all confused about the change in routine and went into the kitchen to rescue his over-the-head, high-collared, upper body shielding, red, yellow and green cotton bib. When he got to school with the bib still on, his teacher giggled!  When I got back to the car after taking him to the gate at his school, Chi asked me if the other kids had laughed at him.  They were oblivious to his bib even though it is quite extravagant!

I thought it was over until I found this tucked under my computer after Chi had gone off to her own classroom.


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