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Black Widow – almost

November 8, 2008

So, it all started one morning when I stepped into the shower and was greeted by a black widow spider (okay, I’ll admit – it wasn’t actually a black widow, but it certainly was not eensy weensy.) I did what any reasonable woman would do. I called my husband. He got rid of it, I took my shower, and that’s the end of the story.

At least I thought it was the end of the story. The other night I was in the living room when the BW reappeared, sort of like a phoenix. It was in among the boxes of kids toys under the stairs. Clearly this was a great place for it and I was not going to do battle with it over territory. My husband was not home, it was not in my shower and the kids were asleep. I went into the kitchen to bake my muffins I was telling you about the other day and guess what? It followed me. I was sort of okay with the fact that I had a friend, but…. I did not want to turn my back on it for fear it would run up my pant leg. Picture this if you can: I am at the sink cranking my neck around every few seconds so I can keep my eye on BW. Eventually I was done the dishes so I beetled it on out of the kitchen away from the massive BW.

I told Chichi about the story yesterday and she said: “I think it must want to be friends!” My thoughts exactly.

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  1. Chich permalink
    November 8, 2008 3:37 pm

    HIlarious! I’d probably have screamed and jumped on top of chair and yelled at someone to kill the spider. And when they did so, I’d probably scream: “no! don’t kill it! poor thing! Just throw it outside”…

  2. heysup permalink
    November 15, 2008 3:10 pm

    oh god…

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