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November 11, 2008

Today is November 11th and for some of us it is also Rememberance Day.  In fact it really took me back a few years when I saw the footage of the British Parliament last week and all the Members of Parliament had poppies in their lapels.  It made me think of the Flanders poem we memorized as kids.  It also made me think of the Salvation Army selling poppies on the street.  My parents have always been good at recycling and reusing and they kept their poppies from one year to the next.  I guess everyone’s parents did that!


So what are the things that I need to remember on November 11th:

  • my good friend’s birthday – there will never be a distance that skype cannot bridge
  • how hard I need to work with my children to teach them what they need for their lives
  • that I need to listen more closely to what they want to teach me – “come see the humming bird Mommy” or “Mommy sing ee-ay-ee-ay-oh”
  • how blessed I am to have the parent models that I have – how did they make it look so easy and effortless
  • no matter how difficult it may seem to find the time to call my grandmother, it is one of the best things I can do for myself
  • that I should never be so busy that I cannot find out what is going on with my loved ones – no matter where they are
  • having someone to share this all with is priceless – especially when they are not here and there is no food in the fridge…
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