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November 27, 2008

You may think it a little precocious, but I have to tell you anyway. Chichi and her classmates participated in a Book Fair held at school. The entire class goes to the fair and then the children choose the books they would like to buy. The Fair organizers send the receipt for the purchase of the books home with the children and then the parents are to stop by the Fair and finish off the process. (That is pretty clever marketing – right?) So I decided that rather than get all the books we would choose one and then when we are in Canada at the end of the year, Chichi can choose 3 books there. The interesting thing is the book she chose: How to be a Princess. If you know Chichi at all, you know how preposterous the choice is. (By the way, one of my colleagues used that word the other day and I hadn’t heard it said or used it myself in such a long time; I thought it was a good one to put back into my vocabulary.)

Related information: Some of the kids in Chichi’s class were making fun of her name and calling her the equivalent of crown. This is what her name can sound like if you mess around with it a little bit. I told her that’s cool: that means they are calling you a princess. To which she answered, they all know I hate princesses. So that took me back to the days when I was called: Birch bark canoe. Today it seems so inoffensive, it is funny. At the time it seemed like an absolutely heinous nickname. Somehow I pictured the canoe and the bark and the combination did not make me happy. I remember lamenting to my father and him suggesting that I call the trouble-maker in question Sean Moore the lawnmower. Yup, that is laughable too!

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