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I’m a slug…

December 5, 2008

I have been busy lately as you might have guessed and I have not been on my blog lately. In fact, I almost forgot how to logon. (Old age does not bode well for me!) We have had a ton of holidays, but when you are at home with the kids relaxing, it seems you have less time than you do when you are working full-time. So what have I been doing?

  • Well, I just completed a 34 page translation on pre-cast concrete prison cells. I learned a lot – clearly this is not a topic I am very familiar with and I can’t say I am too upset about it either.
  • We now have all our Christmas decorations up, although it took us several tries to get the lights inside the house just right. Quite a few of them were already set up and we had to take them down and re-configure them.
  • I now have curtains up in my 2 upstairs bedrooms that had naked windows. It seems like a five minute job, but believe me it is anything but. I have been considering taking out the power tools myself, since I have waited so long to get these things done, and let’s just say that I am glad I did not. Naked walls are highly preferable to craters!

So you can see that my time has been taken up with a lot of little things that I will never admit take a lot of time. Let me give you an example. Last Friday we had the day off. So I took Lu to school and then went out for breakfast with Chichi. I then had some stuff to do on the computer in the morning and so I sat with Chichi as she made the tiara from the “how to be a princess” book. Then I had to warm up some lunch and pick up Lu. I had a hair appointment that afternoon – which I was late for. Then I came back and put Lu down for his nap. I got up to hang out with Chichi and we read books and then went back to the “how to be a princess” book. At this point we were painting Prince Charming on a horse. That was sort of hit and miss and so I decided to switch it up and bake. I find this to be a great way to engage my daughter – it is in her DNA – it is what I always do with my own mother. Anyway, the only problem was that I was running out of time in the day. I still had to get my nails done. I quickly got Lu up from his nap, got Chichi ready, took the brownies out of the oven, got the kids juice and a snack and took off to the club. They were going to have a snack and then play with their Dad until I was done. Except for one small thing – we got stuck in traffic on the way over there. I got to the hair-dresser late and they wouldn’t take me. I was ticked, but what could I do? My manicurist’s 5:30 was already there and she ignored my pleas to at least do something for me – please. (She was highly engaged by the jewelry displayed in their shop). I made a mental note on the way out never to go back there again or take my kids there. When I talked to my husband and told him I didn’t need him to babysit he couldn’t believe that I thought they were wrong. What is that all about? Of course they are wrong. We do not live in England – everything certainly does not run on clock-work. You are supposed to be late for EVERYTHING. In fact, if you show up on-time for a social engagement you are going to catch someone off guard. One of my friends told me that one of her first memories of me is when I invited her over and she showed up on time. I was still in the shower and she has never forgotten that. I am already trying to think of strategies to use at Christmas so I am not holding up everyone up all the time. How does waking up at 4 am to take a shower sound? What about sleeping in my clothes? Do you think I could just put all my food in the juicer or blender and drink it in the car? I have to admit it; I am a card-carrying slug. Anyone know what the 12 steps are?

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