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Proud Mama

March 17, 2009

I guess there is no reason why we are not allowed to brag a little about our kids on our blogs, right?  Even if the answer is no, I am going to anyway!

Chichi did a painting of a cat in art class, as did the rest of the first grade.  However, hers is placed right near the door to the library in a position of honour.  I was so surprised and pleased that I got all teared up when I saw it yesterday.  I phoned my husband and he and Chichi went to see it after school.  She and I went to look at it today and we checked out all the other kids’ paintings too.  She seemed quite proud and I know I sure was!  I was also really proud of her the other day when she was doing her nightly reading.  She has started reading at night with her Dad in Portuguese and I am surprised at how well she is doing.  She can read most of the books that we have for her in Portuguese and she seems to becoming more fluent in her reading.  However, I was thrilled the other night when I read one page of “Go Dog Go” and she read the other.  We did the same last night for the Curious George original story.  When Lu wanted me to read and sing Itsy, Bitsy Spider to him, Chichi wanted to read “Green Eggs and Ham”.  I told her no, and so she went ahead and read it on her own.  She was reading it to herself, but it sounded like she was really able to read it on her own.  I was so happy about that.

In other developmental milestones, Lu went through last night diaper- and accident-free!

In further developmental milestone delays, Chichi and Lu started going to sleep on their own last Friday.  However, they both ended up in our bed at some point during the night.  The update on that:  they have been in their beds ever since.  That my friends is only about 3 years late!

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  1. Cinny permalink
    March 19, 2009 10:17 pm

    I saw her painting!! Haha, kids are so cute. Maybe Chichi will become a great writer, and artist afterall!!

  2. hci97 permalink
    April 6, 2009 11:55 pm

    I have my own blog ( and some day I was thinking that your blog is soo cool! I wanted my blog to be cool like yours but as a kid I don’t have as many stories as you do. I just love when you talk about Chichi, she’s so cute! Thanks for making blogglers entertained with all you write!!

    • jabertra permalink*
      April 7, 2009 8:05 am

      Helena I am so happy that you enjoy my blog and visit it. I love your blog and so do many of your friends and colleagues. Right from the beginning of the project lots of students would visit your blog and be so amazed with all your work. I think it is really excellent! Keep it up…

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