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My heroes…

April 28, 2009


Well now it is official.
My brother finished the London Marathon and the results of the race are posted above. I am so proud of him and this accomplishment. He is an inspiration – training for the marathon and triathlons.

Another person who falls under the heading above is the friend I was telling you about in the Spring Break post. He has had more than his share of stuff to deal during his life and he is such a blessing. I mean that he can always see the bright side of life and the people in it. He is extremely supportive and approaches life with such grace.

I cannot fail to mention my husband in this category. Again, he is a person who has come face to face with serious issues and rather than cry, he decided to find a way to work around his limitations. He is always looking for a challenge.

I am so lucky to know these guys and I strive to be more like them – determined, graceful and courageous!

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  1. braziliendramaqueen permalink
    May 4, 2009 11:02 pm

    Hi Mrs.B,
    My dad is my heroe. He has struggled through so many things. On June of 2008 we went to Sweden, but before that he had been to Mexico in a important mine company. There he was going ot buy a mineral cave in name for hus company. The results where that he got inffected with a bat illness that made him sick while we where in Sweden. We had to lic]ve there for one mounth and he stayed in the UTI for days. Now he runs and take gym classes. He is a new man ( but for better) and my heroe.

    Carol Lopes

    • jabertra permalink*
      May 5, 2009 12:58 pm

      Thanks for the comment. Your mom had mentioned something about your dad being in the hospital when you were in Sweden, but I did not know why. I think that you can have many problems in your life, but when your health is at risk – things get really scary and serious. I am glad that your dad is better now and that he serves as a model for you.
      Ms. B

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