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Belated Mother’s Day wishes

May 11, 2009

I wish I was an organized person and was able to keep up with dates, anniversaries and most importantly people’s feelings. I know that I should be able to care for all the people that matter to me, but for some reason, it is just not always possible. I apologize for getting my Mother’s Day post up so late.

Being a mother makes Mother’s Day a little different. Before you become a mother, you want to salute yours because you love her and she is special. I think that until you are a mother yourself, you have no idea how hard it is. There are a million reasons why it is hard and a million other things that make it so. Sometimes we take our mothers for granted and believe that unconditional love is in their DNA. It is not. Sometimes it is a struggle to deal with our children. There is not always support for mothers from family or friends. It can be lonely even. For these reasons I want to salute some very special moms in my inner circle.

First I have to take my hat off to my own mom. She lives in a parallel organized universe to which she did not give me the key. Her attention to detail and organization completely baffle me. She always knows how to choose details for gifts and receptions for us and others that blow me away. My mom is a very gracious host and an extremely generous person. She taught me the value of remembering that we are here because others have helped us get where we are. There is no one in my mom’s church that she has not baked for, or entertained. She is constantly opening her home and her heart to new friends and old. My mom is an excellent friend, wife, mother and grandmother and I love her for all of her great qualities.

Secondly, there is my grandmother. She is an amazing person. At 80-something she has less memory loss than I do. She knows what all her children, grandkids and great-grandkids are up to all the time. Not only is she able to remember what all of them are doing, she is interested and cares. I love that she is an avid walker, reader and cross-worder! She is a role model and I cherish her for being that to so many of us.

Thirdly, there is my dear friend here at work. She is much more than a colleague and friend – she is a member of the family. I love the fact that motherhood the third time around changed her in such a beautiful way – she became complete. It was one of the most amazing personal transformations I have had the privilege to witness and it really makes me get all misty-eyed to think about how one person can really embody the word “mother” so completely.

Finally I have to mention my sister-in-law. She “mothers” so many people in her immediate and extended family that she really deserves to be honoured on Mother’s Day. It seems to me that there are certain people who are born with the “motherhood gene” and she is living proof. Motherhood is what makes her tick and what she exudes. I really try to listen to her well because I have so much respect for someone that cares for so many.

I love being a mom and I love my kids, but for me motherhood is a work in progress. To me it is like a huge editing job – a tweak here, an adjustment there. Most of the time I feel like I am not doing a bang-up job, but I keep stumbling and bumbling on. From what I hear, that is all part of being a mother too. Happy Mother’s Day to all of us – mothers and children alike!

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  1. Mary Oh ! permalink
    May 16, 2009 6:40 pm

    Hi Jenn … What a nice tribute to the moms in your life. Found the link to your blog in an old email. Glad I decided to clean thinks up ! What fun, reading about the life and times of the JBQ’s…
    : )

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