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Difference between Canadians and Brazilians…

May 12, 2009

In case you are wondering about the answer to the above question I can explain it very easily for you. Last week I ran out of coffee filters at home and did not have my morning cuppa. I stopped at a very nice bakery beside my son’s school to get one to go. I stood by the counter and the waiter came over and took my order. He told the woman working behind the counter to make me a large coffee with milk to go. It took her several tries to get the correct quantity of coffee in the cup. She filled the remaining space in the cup with hot milk. So the percentage of milk greatly outweighed that of the coffee. Then the real drama began. It took her ages to find a lid that fit on the take-out cup she poured my coffee into. She rooted around in the drawer under the espresso machine and pulled out various packages of lids. Apparently none of them fit really well, but the one that she finally chose would have to do.

That scene is in stark contrast to any coffee place I know of in Canada. There are a ton of different take-out cups, lids and sleeves to choose from at even the most ordinary coffee place. People as a general rule do not go to a bakery or coffee place to sit down. Usually they are rushing off somewhere and take their beverage and snack with them.

Typically Brazilians sit down to sip their coffee and eat a snack. There seems to be time for such an activity. In fact, some of the homemade snacks that are available throughout the day do not even exist in Canada.

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