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Now we are three…

May 19, 2009

Yesterday was Lu’s birthday and I told him the story of his birth. (Clearly I did not go into many details, but I told him the essential parts!) It is such a funny story and so different from Chiara’s birth, that it is worth noting here.
I was off work for more than a month, because all indicators suggested that he would be early. So we called my mother-in-law and she rushed down with my father-in-law and they started the camp-out at our place to wait for Lu. I busied myself with the preparations and doctor’s appointments. During my final doctor’s appointment after almost one month of waiting, I asked the doctor if it made sense to wait any longer. She said I could wait, but we were already at 40 weeks and that meant that I had to do a bunch of tests. I was so tired of all the tests and probes that I decided to give up on having a natural birth. I told the doctor to go ahead and schedule a C-section. She did. I had a hospital room reserved for me to do a C-section at 6 pm on May 18th.

Well, that was clearly not the plan that Lu had. He was with me on the natural birth idea. But, he waited until the VERY last moment to let me know! Things started early on the morning of May 18th and he was born at about 10:30 am. At the end of the day it was very smooth, but as in the case of Chichi, when things started to get going, they went very quickly. I don’t remember this, but my husband tells me that my doctor was chasing after me down the hall doing the two-step to put her shoes on as I was being wheeled into the OR. I, of course, was getting in touch with my tribal self (if you know what I mean) but to avoid any embarassment, I squeezed my eyes closed! Yeah – that whole natural birth thing they show on TV and in movies is SO not what it’s really like. There is absolutely no way to remain even remotely civilized. It is savage.

But, the great thing about a natural birth is that you are back to humanity so quickly afterwards. I was taken to my room after the ordeal, I took a shower, had lunch and then walked to the nursery. That was fantastic and surprisingly, the beast in me earlier vanished!

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