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May 22, 2009

I almost fell off my chair the other day in the kitchen. I was eating dinner with my kids and Lu was using a knife and fork to eat his dinner. It was so cute and he was actually pushing his food onto his fork successfully. I was blown away by that because I did not imagine that 3 year olds would have that kind of coordination. When he wants to, he can be so grown-up and mature. Then there are times when he is still a baby. Today I woke him up to have a shower before school. When it was time to get out of the shower, he did not want to. So he started to howl. He was screaming that he wanted more water, more water. I left him to howl and he got himself out of the shower – which is no small feat. Then he proceeded to run around naked screaming more water, more water. So I weighed my options and decided I was not going to be able to win that battle, so I put him back in the shower and turned on the water. He stayed in for approximately 10 seconds and got more water. After that he was happy to get out. Go figure.

In other milestone news Chichi is doing a very nice job with reading. She can read in both English and Portuguese. There is not a book that she does not attempt to read in either language. She has her own “books” to read from school which are sent home every week to reinforce vocabulary. When she is reading her books, Lu is “reading” his. After Chichi has read her books, Lu wants to read his. When I start to read the books to Lu, Chichi insists on reading every other page. She is extremely motivated to read and I love that.

I really enjoy reading. I have read a couple of very good books lately. The first one was Are you somebody? which is a biography of an Irish writer. This woman led an extremely interesting life and her biography was also. Then I read The Gathering – a book about an Irish family. The book was so compelling I read it in one day when I was in Colombia. I was at a particularly sad part, balling my eyes out when one of my colleagues phoned to see what we were going to do that day. It was pretty weird, because she is a psychologist and thought I was going through something. I was, I guess! After that book I read The Way the Crow Flies. The story takes place in Canada during the 1960’s and it is set in a place that reminded me of the military base near where I grew up. It was based on a true story and I absolutely loved it. At the end there was an unbelievable twist which my mom would have probably figured out, but which I did not see coming. Right now I am reading one of my Christmas books The Flying Troutmans and it is wonderful. It is not overly well written, but it is engaging and fun to read.

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