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The Power of Pop

November 16, 2009

My son was asking me the other day to sing the “Halloween song” with him – you know the one – “shilla, shilla nye”. You may also know it as “Thriller, thriller night…” – well 3 year old, 2nd language, kid vocab does not lend itself well to the “TH” sound. But surpisingly you can tell what the song is by the tune!

The funny thing is that my son is totally devoted to his sister. For example, she only wants to listen to the “High School Musical” CD in the car. There is no such thing as musical democracy with her and no time for anyone else’s music. So when she has not asked to listen to the CD, he will. He loves the song, “The boys are back…” and was encouraging us to sing the following: “shilla, shilla nye – The boys are back…” Can you hear that?

Possibly the funniest thing about all of his antics is that Chichi and I now look at each other and bust up about the things he says like: “rabanada (french toast) cookies”!

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