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Dr. Spock

November 19, 2009

When I was a baby my parents apparently read a child-rearing book by an expert. The results were pretty clear. According to all accounts I was a skinny, under-fed, annoying, pain to be around. (I am not sure much has changed except for the skinny and under-fed part!) So we have sort of all come to the conclusion that hard-core child-rearing techniques are not where it´s at. But I have to confess that sometimes that stuff just slips out. This morning it happened with my own daughter. She has been “under the weather” lately with something I was unable to identify. So today at breakfast when she started fighting with her brother about whose spoon was better – I snapped, literally. I got right up in her face, started snapping and proceeded to say: “That’s it. Snap out of it. It’s over.” Maybe that would have been considered acceptable, but then I topped it off with a zinger: “Start being HUMAN again.”


She will definitely have lots to tell her therapist.

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