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November 20, 2009

Have you ever stopped to consider the world of possibilities in a note? Some of the note types that spring to mind are thank you, doctor`s, and principal`s. Yet there are also notes in the following varieties: foot, musical and bank. This may not be an exhaustive list, but that`s not the point. These lists do not include the best ones – those which are written by your own young children who may not know how to write or spell that well, but that can convey their profound sense of love nonetheless.

We received a note after our daughter`s sleep away camp that said something like:

“Dear Mom and Dad, you are very nice.”

I was thrilled to receive the note and put it on the fridge beside the note she wrote to her brother, which by the way said he was very cool and very cuddly! So the other day I decided to leave a note on my kids` pillows before I went out to work. In the middle of the night my daughter woke up with a start and proceeded to wake up her little bro too. When I got them back into their room, my daughter looked at the bookshelf where she had placed the note. At one in the morning she thanked me for my note.

That falls into the category of love note.

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