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Bedtime Stories

January 26, 2010

Yesterday I was reading books to my kids before bed. Lu chose 2 books for me to read and then was insistent on a third. Even though I did not really want to read another, I did. So, after he had heard the last story I said: “happy?” He said: “boday”. I could not understand what he said so I asked again: “happy?” To which he again answered “boday”. I was still in the dark. So I decided to ask Chi what he said. She, of course, knew. She said: “happy birthday”.

That reminded me of something I saw on TV the other day. I was watching a program that was showing identical quadruplets and the chances of that happening naturally. Of course, since all 4 girls were identical, most of the adults they came in contact with could not tell the girls apart. (I teach 3 sets of twins and I know how hard it can be to tell them apart.) The funniest thing was that the girls’ older brother had absolutely no trouble at all telling them apart. Certainly kids are their own best translators!

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