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Private Property

February 4, 2010

Children certainly consider their bedrooms their own private property. Whenever we have people over to visit, the kids always show their room off. Monday was no different. Two of our (adult) friends came over the other day and Chi was at school. So Lu took it upon himself to show his bedroom to the two women. He took them into the room and closed the door. We have no idea what he was showing them, but it certainly piqued our curiosity. In fact, our friend said “wow, if this is how he acts at 3, imagine him later on!” We all had a good laugh about that.

I also chuckled last night when the kids were in their room. With their window open and mine too, I can hear them talking in their bedroom. When they are not fighting and yelling at each other, I am curious about their conversations. Do you think they talk about their friends from school? Do they share their dreams for themselves or their family? Do they discuss their plans for the next couple of days? As I was working in my room, they were busy in their room. At one point I could hear the rattle of pencil crayons and sure enough not too much later Chi brought me a picture she had made for herself to celebrate her birthday. It seems that any activity other than sleeping takes priority in their personal space!

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