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“Mulher não envelhece, enlourece”

May 21, 2010

There’s a saying here that goes something like this: “women don’t get older, they get blonder.” I certainly believe that to be true, because not matter what colour I dye my hair it eventually turns to an orange that is irritating and unbearable and somehow is interpreted as blond. So what has been happening over the years, as I age, is that people are convinced I am blond. No matter of explaining can convince them that my real hair colour is light brown. When I am at choir practice and I mess up, the director makes a comment about how blond I am. And if I sit beside a blond girl in my choir, we tend to talk and then the director says he has to split up the blonds. So I decided to stop fooling around and cover up my gray hair the other day before my son`s birthday party. So I went the drug store and chose a nice chocolate colour that I thought would suit me. I went home and asked my husband if he would help me and put the dye on my hair. But, the last time he dyed my hair he left a few gray strands at the front. I thought I could probably do a better job on my own, so I went ahead and started applying the dye. I decided to REALLY cover up the gray and so I slapped a ton to the front and left it for the requisite 15 minutes. Then I realized that I had not left that much for the rest of my head. After I finished putting on the dye, I waited and then took a shower. When I walked out of the shower and looked in the mirror, I realized that my hair was BLACK. But, it is only black at the front; the rest of it is the colour I wanted it to be. When I got to work the next day, the general consensus among the kids was that it looked awesome. The adults had other opinions. In fact, one of my friends from choir said: “You lost weight. I don’t like your hair, it makes you look old.” Okay then. I started all this nonsense about my hair because I could not stand to look in the mirror and see the crown of gray. I am okay with the wrinkles, adult acne and sun spots – I figure all these things would be fixed if I would just take better care of myself or get Botox. But my hair – what a mystery – how can I ever have hair that looks like normal human hair for more than a few days? Once I dye it, it looks good – for a week or ten days max. Then the gray starts coming back and so does the orange. In fact, I started to really pay attention the colour when my son asked me what colour his hair was. I told him it was blond and he wasn’t satisfied with that answer, so he asked again. Then I said is it light brown? He said no. Isn’t it more than one colour and white like yours?

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