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Bedtime Stories

May 24, 2010

Last night as we were getting dinner ready and stuff set for this week, Chichi handed me her schoolwork from last week. The first thing I saw was the 30% score she received on a test about a Junie B. Jones book. I must confess I am not a big fan of Junie and I am not sure kids “get” that it is written incorrectly on purpose. In fact, I don’t even really think the topics are all that great. But, I digress as those are not good reasons to get such a low score on a comprehension test. Luckily last night’s book was about Queen Amidala and Anakin. Since Chichi is a true Star Wars fan, this was the book for her. She had read through a few pages and was part way through the book when I came on the scene. Determined to change the 30% score from the Junie book, I decided to read the book to her. We talked about what a “disguise” was and about Anakin in general. When I turned to the front cover I read that the book itself was scored as 3.3 (or 3rd grade at the 3 month point). Unfortunately I got fixated on the .3 – I said why is it .3? Chichi was totally confused. It was then I realized that she is only in SECOND GRADE, so, okay, 3.3 – good job (backpedal, backpedal!) Initially when we were reading the book Lu was sitting on the floor playing with My Littlest Pet Shop. When he realized that the reading gig was going to stretch out a bit, he decided to get in on the action too and picked up a book – The Five Little Chicks. We hadn’t read it in a while, but realized what a favourite it was again after reading about all the chicks that PEEP! Once we read that book, the kids decided they needed to read a book that they chose together. So they agreed on Jillian Jiggs. I loved reading Jillian Jiggs to Chichi when she was younger, but again it has been a while. It was so cool to see how she reacted to the book this time around. She was so intrigued by all the rhyming in the book and seemed to really appreciate how it worked in the story. I also liked her question: “is my room as messy as Jillian Jiggs’ room?”

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