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Lu and his wishes…

May 27, 2010

We had Lu’s birthday party last week on the day that he was actually born – May 18th. He loved his party. There were 42 people present from his school, the club and friends of the family. There must have been more than 25 kids there ranging in age from less than one year to 13 years. There were tons of monitors to play with the kids and they set up different games for everyone to play together. Chichi and her friends played along with Lu and the gang. There was an outdoor part where the kids could play soccer and other games, and then on the 2nd floor a complete circus was set-up with a lot of circus-type toys. There were very few mishaps, unlike Chichi’s party – in fact, only one girl fell out of a toy and got a big bump on her head. That was not so bad. (We were worried that after the party when arriving home with her father, she would freak out when telling her mother what happened, but apparently she was pretty okay about it. She had already cried a little, iced her bump, gotten over it and continued playing.) At the time when we all gathered to sing “Happy Birthday”, one of the monitors brought Lu down on his shoulders with a crazy rainbow wig on his head. Lu was talking to us about the wig he wore when he arrived at the cake a few days later with his 13 year old friend at the club. (I found that funny.) Anyway, at the party we sang, Lu blew out the candles, our friends took pictures and then Lu and his two little friends proceeded to eat all the M&Ms from off the top of the cake. All in all, it was a good time. So I thought we could ride the wave of birthday goodwill and host a party in his classroom. We didn’t have the party on the same day as the other one or even during the same week. Since I am only available on Fridays, I planned it for this week. Lu’s teacher sent home the guidelines for the party explaining the snacks, pictures and procedures for the party. All the children gather and the birthday boy/girl holds a globe and walks in a circle on the line to represent their age in years. I loved these parties when Chichi was in preschool. The teachers always made a poster with photos of the kids that spanned their lives. I wanted to do the same with Lu, but I got an E-mail message from his teacher the other day that said he did not want to have his party. For him the party ended with the wig, the M&Ms and the friends. That’s it – done. So does that mean I do the four laps around the globe for him?

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