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The Amazing Dog Land AKA Guest Blogger

June 9, 2010

It is my pleasure to share a post with you from a guest blogger:  Chichi.  I saw her typing up a story that she had written in class.  It was one full page of neat, hand-written work.  The story was so long, it made me really proud of her.  Yesterday I asked her what her password was and she told me.  Then I asked further if I could include the story in my blog and she agreed to it.   I took it upon myself to add a photo of a candidate for main character in the story!

Once upon a time on earth there was really rich dog it was SUPPER DOG the dog that could save everything. He could save an airplane from falling to the ground. But he didn’t know that there was a Dog Planet.

On Dogs Planet things was so terrible. Nobody liked each other. Why they didn’t like each other?  I think it was because they just liked money. They where very mean to each other.

So super dogs computer biped. With the Super Dog Space Ship he went to Dog Planet.

  • 4 days later he was there and he had a meeting with the dogs and one by one he talked to the dogs .The next day he called all the dogs. He had a machine     that could make the dogs like each other for the rest of their life. Super dog became the king of the planet.
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  1. Joan Bertram permalink
    June 10, 2010 1:34 am

    Jenn we love reading your blogs.We’re glad we didn’t know how dangerous your hike was until you were safely back.It sounded gruelling.Tell Chiara we really liked her bug.She is very creative.Luca not wanting a birthday party at school was cute.

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