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Why Facebook is killing my blog…

November 6, 2010

Obviously there are some pretty basic differences between Facebook and blogs.  The first and most obvious one is that Facebook is about catching up with people you haven’t been in touch with for ages, while a blog is more about the content you feed it.  I was a little skeptical about Facebook at first, because I thought there really was no point to catching up with those people.  My reasoning was that if we haven’t been in touch – there must be a reason we made no effort to stay connected.  However, I can now see the benefits of having those people that come and go, in my life.  There are so many that we have seen come through the doors here, it truly is “nice” to keep in touch.  (Also, you never know when you might need an apartment in Rio for New Year’s!) 

So Facebook allows you to re-kindle friendships and look at pretty pictures people put up to show others what their life is all about.  In a very real sense, it is completely superficial.  You can be as miserable as the day is long and post some pics of yourself doing something cool, add a great caption, and suddenly everyone is drooling about how great your life is.   Hmm…

(By the way, I am not suggesting that we all sit around and moan and groan all the time, because nobody really wants to hear it anyway!  This is what I was told at lunch during the first week of school.  I sat down at a table with some colleagues and one of them asked me how I was.  I said:  “Can’t complain” to which he answered: “Good, nobody wants to hear it anyway”.  My answer was very clever.  I said “kay” in kind of a sing-song manner.  I then proceeded to eat and vowed never to sit with him again.  I have kept my promise except for one time when I tried again.  Then I decided: nope, not worth the indigestion!  So even though you might have a lot to rant about, the point is that Facebook “conversations” tend to be light-hearted and brief.)

On the other hand, I use my blog to communicate with my family, friends and students.  I attempt to write coherent stories about my life with my family that might be funny or simply informative.  My blog is a way I can put my thoughts into words and practice doing it well.  Most posts are relatively long and tell some sort of story.  Again, I do not use it to vent, but unlike Facebook, it is a more accurate picture of what my life really is like.

Explanations aside, I do still find the time to be somewhat obsessed by both Facebook and blogs.  I first got onto Facebook so I could see pictures of my brother’s wedding.  I saw them, got in touch with a bunch of friends and then it all started.  I discovered the delicious possibilities of “stalking” people that only Facebook can offer.  I’m told the fascination of looking at  drooling over other’s lives will wear off, but I am still waiting!  I find myself working on procrastinating on Facebook A LOT.

My other nasty little obsession is with decorating blogs.  I just cannot get enough of DIY blogs and the projects and tutorials that go with them.  I have never really done a DIY project myself, but I adore reading about all the possibilities.  Here is a smattering of my favorites:

This blog is by a woman from California some call the Queen of DIY – I think her blog is a great starting off point for the obsession.  It can lead you to so many other interesting blogs such as this one.  I covet the dining room table she re-did and the whole “living area” look, to be more precise.  This blog came into my blogosphere more recently, but the volume of information on all things DIY is amazing.  I can’t remember when or where I found this blog, but I adore her style and home, but really get all fired up about this particular part and have even used it in my classes.  Okay, so if I am going to be perfectly honest, I have used most of these blogs in at least one class!  And certainly last but not least is a blog written by a couple in Toronto.  Their house is cool and I love the graphic stuff that Lindsay makes for her home and business.

You know, on second thought I guess what’s really killing my blog (and possibly me) is the internet.  It really IS evil.  It simply provides far too many ways to procrastinate.  Isn’t it so much easier to blame ARPANET and those government guys than really take any level of personal responsibility?

Yeah, we’ll get to that later…

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