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…new semester, new girl…

January 27, 2011

I ate lunch the other day with Chi’s teacher and she asked me the following question:

“What did you do to Chi over the break?”


“Well she is a totally different kid.  You could tell it the minute she walked in the door.  Kids normally do mature over breaks, but she… whoa…”

I told the teacher that Chi spent 3 weeks hanging out with her grandparents and that their love and concern for her made the difference.  They had all kinds of really cool activities planned for the kids and did EVERYTHING to make their time special.  I really believe that this made the difference, although I think that their constant praise of her also helped.

“…she’s such a good reader…”

“…we’ve noticed a real change in her…”

“…she is really good with her brother…”


On that same note, it seems that Chi herself has noticed that she has changed.  (Without my prompting by the way.)  She told me the other day that she did her homework all by herself the other day and got all the answers correct.

She also posed the following question to me the other night:

Do you think I’m smarter this semester?

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