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Gymnastics or soccer?

March 17, 2011

Chi is one of the only girls who regularly plays soccer at school. The other day the P.E. teacher told me  he thinks it’s funny that she is the only girl on the field in the middle of all the boys.

I do too, but I think it’s great.

It’s not the first time I have heard a comment like that.  Several people have come up to me at different points and said how cool they thinkt it is that Chi plays soccer.  It really IS that weird here! 

(It blows my mind that in the land of the beautiful game, girls DON’T play!)  But that is another story…

At the sports club Chi and Lu both take gymnastics. However, Chi has convinced herself that she does not want to do gymnastics anymore.  Lu, on the other hand, has no problem continuing and does not seem the least bit fazed that he is the only boy!

I tried to convince Chi to continue by mentioning that the current teacher is some kind of gymnastics pro – that did nothing .  One of the other girls who does gymnastics thought that the new teacher was so good at making the difficult things seem simple.  I thought I would try the old strategy of “Well, Bia’s mom says she LOVES the new teacher.”  Chi listened, but later told me, “hmmm I don’t know” when I asked about her opinion on the teacher. 

I did gymnastics as a child and gave it up pretty quickly after I started and so maybe this is karma.  I want to fulfill MY gymnastics dreams through my daughter!

You see, she says she wants to do soccer and we have no problem with that, but we want her to be able to do it with Lu. He has to wait until he is five on May 18th to start and consequently so does Chi.

Chi doesn’t think she can wait that long. But, we can’t start soccer for her before, or Lu will not have anyone to play with when she is training.

It’s called sacrificing for the greater good.

Oh! And this was classic. I told her that if she wanted to quit gymnastics she could, but then she’d have to take up either jazz or ballet. 

Yeah, so she decided to stick to gymnastics!

For now…

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    Ms. B,
    You should definitely write more often on your blog because its a lot of fun to read.
    Aren’t I the nicest student…
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